Tha Naked I

Interview with Tha Naked I

After his interview with me was published on his blog yesterday (to be read here), I now present my interview with Tha Naked I!

Tha Naked I is run by a friend from Sweden, who dedicates his blog to digital nude art and the naturist lifestyle. His twitter handle is @ThaNvkedI and you can find more of his work on his website ThaNakedI


Below the interview you will find some of his photos.


APh: The first one is quite obvious: Can you give us some general background information about yourself, whatever you want to share? Is your art your daily life, or do you have a daytime job?

TNI: I’m a self-declared weirdo from Sweden in my late twenties. I’m into all sorts of stuff, but my main thing is that I have a huge passion for all kinds of art and I’m also an avid nudist/naturist (whichever term you prefer). I like to call myself a nude artist, because of the previously mentioned two things that I really love. Art has been my daily life, but it’s not my source of income. I have a day job at a small media company.

APh: At what age and how did you get into naturism? Were you led by someone? Did you encounter any difficulties or lack of understanding from your environment?

TNI: I discovered naturism in my early twenties via the internet, I wasn’t led by someone or anything like that. I do remember enjoying being naked as a kid, but once I got into my teenage years I became very self conscious like many others. It was naturism that truly helped me overcome that state of mind. I was a “closet nudist” for a while at first and then I fully embraced it about three and a half years ago. That’s when I let my inner circle, like family and close friends, know how much I enjoyed being clothes free. Some of them had negative reactions, some were more understanding. Either way, even if they didn’t understand the reasons for this lifestyle, they understood that it was really important to me, so mostly they accepted it. Of course, some don’t want me to be nude around them. The understanding got better with time as well.

APh: You like to show your naked body, but I notice you always hide your face. Do you have a personal or artistic reason for that? When did you decide to connect your naturism with digital art? Was there a special occasion that inspired it?

TNI: Yes, the thinking behind it is basically my artistic concept, and it’s simple: others hide their bodies, I hide my face. To expand on that, my reasoning behind it is that people show their faces, but hide the rest of their bodies behind clothes. Well me, I do the opposite of the norm. I think the human body (both male and female) is the most beautiful thing in this world and is also very unique, as no two bodies are exactly the same, however they are all very pretty nonetheless (I deeply believe in body positivity).
I started taking nude photos and editing them more than two years ago while experimenting, and it was a sudden idea that just came about, but I’m really glad it did. I had been taking photos for many years and also editing them in different ways, but when I started creating nude digital art, that’s when I found my true calling. I’ve been posting my creations online for about one and a half years now.

APh: Can you tell me a bit more about the creative process of your fascinating naked digital art? How do you find your inspiration, and where? How do you process your images? Can you share your favorite art with us?

TNI: I take photos in a few different locations, wherever I can and I do all kinds of poses in them. After that I use a couple different apps and computer programs to edit these photos. My edits are sometimes natural, just processing them a bit, other times I make them very artsy and even abstract. I find inspiration from all the nude art photography that I find on the internet, the mesmerizing human body of course, and also music in a weird way. I have a few favorite works and those will be included with this interview.

APh: Do you have a dream in what you like to achieve in your art?

TNI: I’m hoping that people enjoy my art just a tiny bit as much as I love to create it. So far, I’ve had positive feedback mostly, so that feels great. I’m also hoping to show the world that the nude human body is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. As far as dreams go, it would have to be to be able to work with my art full time. An even bigger dream of mine is for this world to become clothing optional as much as possible.